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Meet Imbue, a small creative tool that attaches to your personal sketchbook and is there for you whenever you need it most! It replaces rulers, T-squares, triangles, and compasses on the go and has even been called a "compact Swiss Army Knife of geometric drawing" ( 

The Imbue project was successfully Crowdfunded on Kickstarter exceeding its goal of $8,500 and making an astounding $48,671. 

BLK SEA Studio's intent for this program was to take a deeper dive into the design process and follow through with manufacturing. It has been an amazing learning experience and has made BLK SEA Studio eager for more!

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“Its designers strived to create a tool that was always there when needed, forgotten until that very moment. We think they’ve succeeded.



Imbue is the perfect addition to your creative arsenal.


An incredibly simple idea that is smart and convenient.



Never did I think that all those rulers could be made into one tool; that is until the Imbue.



If Imbue came out in the 80s, it would have been celebrated for being impeccably hip.



" It is the best tool in order to create."



"Sometimes creatives have work to do and the right tool can be the difference between high-fives or a wastebasket full of crumpled paper. In order to tip the odds in their favor, get your guy this versatile, portable, and just-damn-cool tool!"